A legacy of passion for living in Vancouver

Jill Pennefather loves the city of Vancouver, and this passion shows in every area of her life, from her commitment to knowing everything about the city's neighborhoods to her own leisure time activities.

After moving to Vancouver from Montreal, Jill grew to love not only the mild weather here but the many activities just a short drive from anywhere. She takes the time to learn everything she can about Vancouver and its dynamic and varied neighborhoods so that she can make more informed recommendations for clients.

jill Pennefather in Vancouver
With over two decades of experience in Vancouver real estate, Jill Pennefather loves helping people buy or sell properties to improve their enjoyment of life. Above left: Jill works with a young couple. Above centre: Jill enjoying a walk in Coal Harbour with her dog. Above right: Jill enjoys an active lifestyle, including skiing.


Jill receiving awards

Jill has received a large number of awards for her excellence as a realtor.

Jill with dog

Jill has always loved dogs and enjoys exploring the city with her canine companion.

Jill with a senior couple

Jill Pennefather is famous for her unparallel ability to listen, really listen to the needs of her customers. People of all age groups love to work with someone who is paying attention.

Jill the keys to a new home

The best feeling in the world is handing over the keys to someone's new home!

Jill Pennefather gets your home sold

Jill Pennefather loves the feeling of selling a home at the best price, helping her customer achieve their goals and giving the new resident an exciting new place to live.

Ready to make a move? Get the finest personalized care, dedication and results. Contact Jill at jillpenn@intergate.ca or by calling (604) 290-5647.